“Mac Frampton is the one pianist who plays with his heart as well as his head.”                                                                                             -- ROGER WILLIAMS

"An immensely talented pianist, at home in a wide variety of musical settings."                                                                          -- BILLBOARD MAGAZINE


"How one man can bring the rafters down in Symphony Hall, as if a full orchestra were playing, is a feat in itself. It's consummate musicianship. Electrifying!"                      -- THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION


"The Ball and your music have been the talk of Washington! It was the best orchestra we have ever had."
-- NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CHARITY BALL, Washington, D.C.                                                 


"...very impressed with the professionalism and beauty of the performance. This is the first time I've seen a performance receive two standing ovations - intermission, and at the end."
                                            -- STATE THEATRE FOR THE ARTS, Uniontown, PA


“Dynamite!”                                                                                     -- MERV GRIFFIN

”Think of Horowitz mixed with Liberace and an ounce of Victor Borge, and you’ve got the picture.”  -- THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION


"Absolutely wonderful! Standing ovation at intermission plus three after the show."                                            -- YAVAPAI COLLEGE, Prescott, AZ

"A musical roller-coaster of a ride that no one wanted to end."
                                                                                       -- THE JOURNAL, Sturgis, MI

"One of the finest shows we have ever presented. Wonderful pace and first rate musicians across the board."
                                                                             -- ARTS COUNCIL, Springfield, OH

"...I recommend Frampton shows to any presenter!"
                                                                   -- TERRACE THEATER, Long Beach, CA

"Mac Frampton is colossal - both impressive and heaps of fun, a combination that is hard to deliver. If there is any justice in the world, Frampton will become a household name. He really is that good."
                                                                                                    -- ATLANTA JOURNAL